Traffic Building

Crowd Gathering Entertainment

Looking into the exhibit booth, you see sales staff processing orders. Standing in front is a gray-haired CEO whose eyes are fixated on the hands of Magical Balloon-dude Dale. He watches as the red balloon twists and twirls until it transfers into a work of art. In the aisle, prospective customers gather, watch, listen, and participate in presentational entertainment. Your ears detect a balanced sales pitch between a professional product representative and the good-humored balloon entertainer. The sales staff is communicating with clients, gathering leads as foot traffic stops in the aisle.

Attendees smile, point, and listen to Dale’s sales patter, then present them with a unique balloon sculptured specifically for that individual. In return, they provide a business card, swipe a badge, or direct others towards your booth.

You observe balloon sculptures that instantly become eye-catching pointers as engaging prospective clients ask the sales staff’s detailed question. Vendors from across the exhibit floor are asking if they can have a balloon for their booth. In exchange, they will display it and direct people to you.

As you look across the aisle, adjacent exhibitors stand in their booths, just looking at the back of attendee’s heads as they walk past their booths. Customers leaving your booth are happy, informed, and willing to boast about what they have seen and heard.

Watch the Video that Puts
a Twist to a Sales Pitch!

Dale worked to make our event excellent by spending time before the event researching what we do and working with us to get the most out of his services. His extraordinary level of energy brought people into our booth space. I can’t stress enough how many compliments we received and how many attendees ask where he was once he left. Overall Excellent! Jessica Gochenour, Professional Research Consultants, Inc

Take traffic building to a new level.

  • Generate Leads Effortless
  • Draw Crowds
  • Relaxing Sales Pitch
  • Fun-filled Atmosphere
  • Professional Presenter
  • Generate a Buzz on the Floor
  • Personalized Giveaway
  • Memorable Experience
  • Only a 2′ x 2′ Space Requirement
  • Works in Any size Booth – Island, In-Line, Corner or End Cap Booth

Have your meeting planner or event producer contact Dale about availability for your next trade show.