About Dale

The Biography of Dale Obrochta

If you ask Dale where he learned his skills, he will tell you from a bunch of twisted people. While attending college, he met a professional entertainer group, which met every Monday and would practice in the gym. Always wanting to learn how to juggle, Dale joined this merry group.

This Illinois entertainer learned from world-class jugglers, unicyclists, magicians, clowns, balloonists, fire-eaters, theatrical entertainers, and vaudevillians. “I did not realize at the time how lucky I was to be working with such talented people and the skills and techniques that were freely taught to me,” said Dale. “I have used all my entertainment skills over the years but have decided I would rather be a Master of one form of entertainment than a jack-of-all-trades. So I became a master balloonist.”

Dale’s unique mix of comedy and balloon twisting has made people laugh since 1984. He actively writes for trade show blogs, an entertainment newsletter, and professional organizations while constantly working on new communication techniques to improve his entertainment business.

Dale started DEO Consulting, Inc in 1988 to handle the ever-increasing demand for his performing expertise and unique event know-how. Aside from taking a little ttomaster’sn a Master’s Degree in Communication from Governors State University, Dale has spent three decades performing at private and corporDale’sents.

Dale’s background consists of 15 years as an Associate Professor. He educated faculty, students, and corporate America on improving their business and organizational skills while interjecting lighthearted comedy. His drive to get the most out of himself is infectious and quickly spreads to those Dale’s him.

Dale’s performances are always custom-tailored to the audience, whether performing at a college, entertaining corporate clients after dinner, or astonishing guests at a private party with his balloon twisting. Dale always integrates audience participation, humor, and unforgettable balloon creations, ensuring the event is specially designed with your needs in mind.

His many accomplishments so far in his life have been:

  • Married in 1998 with two sons
  • CMaster’sg a Master’s Degree in Communication & Training
  • Acting as MC for Cable Television Show
  • Performing on NBC and WGN
  • Serving as on-premise Promotions Entertainer for major US Corporations
  • Serving as Lecturer and Mentor for business entrepreneurs
  • Owning and Operating an E-commerce Store
  • Authoring two books;  “Faces, Faces, Balloon”Faces” and “Mardi Gras Be”d Twisting.”
  • Introducing Festive Alien Head balloons to the balloon industry