Urschel Laboratories, Inc

Case Study: Urschel Laboratories, Inc. – 100th Year Celebration

ScenCorporate Picnic Entertainment & Family Daysario: Urschel Laboratories is celebrating its 100th year in business. The event will combine customers, vendors, employees, and their families at this special centennial. They are seeking family-friendly entertainment to interact with guests.

Goal: Find interactive entertainment that can span a large age group and interacts well with the mix of vendors, employees, and families.

Conclusion: Urschel Laboratories, Inc. consulted with Dale Obrochta and, based on his suggestions, implemented an entertainment strategy that would meet the event’s needs. V.P. Karen Anselm – “I have been planning our company picnic for ten years and always thought we had a decent balloon artist. Little did I know Dale was beyond decent! He was outstanding and exceeded my expectations by far! His balloons were amazing, and he kept the clients and families laughing. We will plan our picnic around his availability! He made our 100-year celebration an exceptional event.