Getting a ROI For Giveaways –

Intelligent Vendors Are Doing This.

People love the visual balloon art so much that they put them in their booth and actually drive traffic to YOUR booth. Don’t believe me… here is a quick video from Parker Seminars – Chiropractic Show in Las Vegas where vendors proudly display work that was fabricated for them. Can you think of any other giveaway that can give you a ROI like this and make clients happy?

Proven Results. You’re Not a Guinea Pig

“Dale’s extraordinary level of energy brought people into our booth space.”  Jessica Gochenour, Professional Research Consultants, Inc

I described Dale to co-words like this: “Picture a man with a vibrant vest of many colors asking a million questions a minute and talking about you and your product/service, while making latex art before your eyes. One of the most unbelievable things I have ever seen that made me leaving the booth asking myself “How cool was that?” It was nothing short of fabulous one-on-one booth attraction. – Paul Hodges, Oz Fitness

“My ‘Show Girl’ hat really attracted a crowd and many lookers. My boss did not think I would wear it all day, but after the great response of seeing people smile and laugh was well worth me wearing it. It was a huge attention getter and at such a large convention in Las Vegas, you need all the help you can get to have people stop at your booth”. – Cora Ferris, LSI International

A Trade Show Booth Should Accomplish

  • Generate Leads
  • Draw Crowds
  • Relaxing Sales Pitch
  • Fun-filled Atmosphere
  • Generate a Buzz on the Floor
  • Unique Giveaway

Every vendor is struggling how to get the best ROI from the convention and get their message heard, but Amy, you’ve learned how to solve the problem.


Dale Obrochta
Magial Balloon-dude

Putting unCONVENTIONal Twists on Lead Generation