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Uniting The Bridle Party At Rehearsal Dinner

Imagined your wedding party and family interacting and joking around like they have know each other for years. They joke with each other and watch as unique art is created before their eyes enhancing the moment they will not forget. Your worries deflate, as you know that the kids in your bridal party are having fun. And when we say “kids”, we mean the 23-year old, who’s parading around the room with a 3.5-foot headdress on. Cell phones erupt with pictures and you have successfully brought a group of well-heeled adults together as Magical Balloon-dude Dale mingles with your rehearsal party.


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Uniting The Bridle Party At Rehearsal Dinner

“Dale came to Chicago Firehouse Restaurant and within minutes he had the bridal party laughing and talking. This was the first time both side of the family met and Dale made it easy and fun.  This was a great way to kickoff for your special day.”  Mike & Sahra Burns



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