Meetinghouse – Party Gets A Twist

Putting an Unconventional Twist on Weddings

Artistic Family-Friendly Unique


Let The Party Begin!

Formalities are over and it is time for fun. Balloon hats,
and silliness erupts all over!

From every angle of the dance floor, 4-foot balloons are being shot across the room. Guest from all parts of the room are participating and interacting with each other. Prime targets are cousins and co-workers looking to boast that they are “the coolest table at the wedding”. In the barrage of balloons, kids happily retrieve the 4-foot balloons and fuel the friendly battle. Amongst the crowds, you see Magical Balloon-dude Dale orchestrating this well choreographed balloon battle. No child is left without a 4-foot balloon and no adult can escape from the fun.

You are not sure when the balloon war started, but you just know that a line has been draw and it is now a friendly competition

“Wow, this is great!” as your mother’s brother shoots a balloon across the room.

“You were the “hit of the party!!” I can’t thank you enough for the wonderful job you did at our daughters, Lauren’s wedding on Sunday, August 19th! You not only created absolutely beautiful and intricate balloon designs, but your entertaining and creative idea of “propelling” balloons into the crowd got the adults, as well as younger crowd, laughing and enjoying themselves immensely! Thank you! Thank you! Thank You!  Donna Siefer, Mother of the Bride



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