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Putting an Unconventional Twist on Weddings

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Making It Memorable, Starting With The Cocktail Hour

Imagine a man in dress shirt and tie, wearing a colorful vest; and strapped to his body is a balloon apron with every color of the rainbow. He introduces himself to a small group of guests. Within seconds, the group erupts with laughter and point in astonishment as a three-foot balloon twirls about!

The buzz grows, and more guests seek out “the Magical Balloon-dude,” hoping to experience this incredible balloon art and hilarious comedic wit first-hand. Adults leave dazzled amazed while kids run off excited about their balloon creations.

And this is only the beginning of the reception

Let’s get people… Laughing, Engaging in Conversation, Family and Friends Entertained… right from the start.

No stage or microphone is needed, allowing Dale to stroll every corner of your venue, be it an intimate suite or expansive hotel, Dale brings the fun to all.

 “Dale kept the children under control and amused. Parents were happy to have a little peace since the kids were focused on Dale. His appearance was neat and clean.” Eileen & Brade Ely

Dales has been pleasing Brides just like you since 1988. Why not solve your wedding entertainment problems like others Brides by contacting Meetinghouse. It’s the right solution.

Putting an Unconventional Twist on Wedding Cocktail Hour



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