Funny Business Eye Opening Stats

Ineffective Staffing
Equals Ineffective Exhibiting

Warm bodies standing in a booth looking pretty and not engaging attendees is waste of booth real estate.

85% Of An Exhibitors Success Lies On Their Staff

Inexperienced booth staff is not talking about the 4-bullet points prospects need to know about your product or service.

53% Of Exhibitor Managers Say It’s “Difficult” To “Very Difficult” To Keep Effect Booth Staffs

Staff transfer or move on, but you can count on Dale to be there day-in and day-out to generate leads.

Trade Show Visitors Tell 6+ People
About Their Experience.

You booth will be colorful, entertaining, informative, and the talk of the trade show.

Create a Buzz in Your Booth

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Putting unCONVENTIONal Twists on Lead Generation

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